4 Project Management Tips to Keep Your Virtual Team on Track

Advantages of separated teams do exist but so do the disadvantages, such as language issues, time zones, different work environments, contradicting priorities etc. Here are 4 secrets to keeping the team running smoothly without any obstacles.


1. Avoid communication through email

Emails these days are the primary ways in which an organization communicates, as it is extremely handy. However, what one often forgets about is the number of emails an average corporate employee receives in a day. Due to the overflowing amount of communication over emails, there is a high chance of the employee not paying enough attention to an important email that might include some groundbreaking ideas. It’s not just the receivers that are flooded with emails, there is a high chance that the senders also forget about following up and the original idea they’d thought of in the first place.

Instead of emailing your team, one should use project management tools to store ideas. Regular meetings should be held not only to brainstorm but also discuss backlogs and divide workload.


2. Set Recurring tasks

One might not realize this, but the same employees repeat most of the tasks that take place in a project often. Instead of the employees wasting their time each week doing the same thing again and again, use project management tools from i2e consulting to automate tasks that are performed on a daily basis. This will free some of your manpower to do more creative and productive tasks.


3. Utilize Group Chats

Individual communication usually gives the leader a severe headache and is also extremely time consuming. To save time and do this more efficiently, one should take advantage of the current era of technology and use group chats. This also makes long distance communication easier thanks to the chatting feature on video conferencing. Group chats also help communicate a common message almost instantly to all the teammates.


4. Form Proper Work Instructions

A set of work instructions always helps to micromanage a big team and standardizes the work being done. One should follow the example of the industry giants and use the ISO 9001 standards that are very diligent at documentation. Using tools that help data to be properly organized and categorized according to the department, function and responsibilities can easily do this. Once all of this is done effectively, the link can be shared with the appropriate members. This gives the workers a targeted list of tasks that they need to complete along with the suitable instructions.


Take advantage of i2e consulting’s accelerated implementation method and get your customized project management tool today.

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