SharePoint intranet Portal

Everything You Need to Know About SharePoint Intranet Portal

Before we jump on to SharePoint Intranet Portal, let us first understand what Intranet Portal is and why do organizations need it. Intranet Portal is a private network to share latest feeds within the members of an organization. The Portal stores generic data, employee’s key information which is essential for every organization. Connectivity is strengthened…
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Document Management System SharePoint

Why Organizations should use SharePoint for Document Management System

  Document Management System is a system to store, organize, manage, and track the company’s electronic documents. To keep a track of changes on Paper-based documents, organizations were spending an enormous amount of time and money. The accuracy and efficiency were questionable thus explaining the magnitude of the problem. To make it extremely feasible for…
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Kelly Roofing uses Dynamics 365 to connect and grow their business

Check out how a family-owned roofing business in Naples, FL that outgrew their existing accounting solution is using Dynamics 365 Business Central to centralize finance, operations, and sales functionality and streamline business processes.

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Customer story: Chesterfield County

Manual processes, handwritten logs, and paper trails are not only inefficient, but they can be costly. These outdated business management techniques often result in error, duplication, and quality-control issues that can compromise efficiency, productivity, and morale.

But with cloud-based productivity and data centralization tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can modernize your business and achieve more.

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Remote Team Working with Office 365

Humans are now in the digital era where almost everything can be accessed online. This has encouraged businesses to allow its employees to work remotely. This not only helps employees efficiently manage both professional and personal lives but also improves productivity. How Office 365 can help remote teams function smoothly? Flexibility To ensure that work…
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