O365 cost-saving guidance for midsize companies

At i2e Consulting, we don’t want you to be paying more than you have to for your IT solutions. That’s why we offer Office 365 solutions that can save you significant sums of money each year.

Starting with an average savings of $11,000 in hardware and software deployment costs annually, the amounts go up considerably from there. With $30,000 in savings for administrative costs and up to $60,000 in savings from vendor displacement across a host of areas, these savings are real.

We are committed to helping your business save money so that you can achieve more. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Professional Invoices with Office 365

i2e Consulting knows how important it is for small companies to look utterly professional–right down to their business documents. The right tools can help them seem a lot bigger than they actually are.
Entrepreneur Trevor Cressey and his team take advantage of more than 100 customizable invoice templates in #Office365 to show their customers a polished, professional look. They can easily customize their invoices using built-in themes and colors. And they can add their own logo and business information for a “pro” appearance that’s on a par with any global corporation.
i2e Consulting can help you show the world a professional face too. Contact us to find out how.

Microsoft AI: Empowering cancer research

At i2e Consulting, we know that you want your organization to make an impact. Virginia Tech is using the latest advancements in technology to empower cancer researchers to make an impact on people’s lives.

By leveraging cloud computing and AI, Virginia Tech is increasing the amount of data they can analyze and process in great strides. Mapping the human genome used to take weeks, now researchers can map 100 genomes each day. Imagine how that technology could empower your organization to achieve great things.

We want to help your organization make an impact. Contact us to learn more.

Microsoft 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: Braylon O’Neill

At i2e Consulting, we know that your goal is to do and achieve more. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best solutions that will help you meet your goals.

Microsoft is pioneering new avenues of machine learning, enabling computers to learn from data and experiences and to act without being explicitly programmed. With AI, customers can build applications that intelligently sense, process, and act on information–augmenting human capabilities, increasing speed and efficiency, and helping organizations achieve more.

We are ready to help you find out just what your organization can really do. Contact us to find out how.

Behind the team–the fans

How do you bring together 500 million fans across 183 different countries? Ask Real Madrid. With a fan base of only 3% in Spain, they are the epitome of a global enterprise. Reaching fans across the entire world is a challenge, yet Real can do it with Microsoft Azure.

With Azure, Real delivers better experiences and makes better decisions by analyzing massive amounts of data in real time.

i2e Consulting wants to help your organization integrate Azure analytics technology so you can achieve more. Contact us to find out how.