How wrong priorities can lead to bad decisions

Prioritization at a strategic and operational level is often the difference between success and failure, but many organizations do this poorly and this leads to utter chaos and ultimate failure of the project. Sometimes the senior executives are under the impression that they’ve made the priorities crystal clear, but in reality, they’ve made a real life dilemma for the employees. Employees of the organization should be well aware of the strategy and have no trouble in executing it properly. In order to lead a project successfully, you need to prioritize one single element, and not a combination of a few of them.

Prioritizing is extremely important to the success of am project as it increases the alignment and focus of senior management teams around the original strategic goals and helps clears all doubts or confusions that an employee might face.

Not having a single clear goal is not the only reason behind the chaos in an organization. Sometimes the leaders simply end up making the wrong decisions and prioritizing the wrong element. Another huge issue that researchers have found is that most leaders and organization heads run away from making decisions all together which is a bigger problem. Companies that have excellent sense of priorities and end up spending their budget efficiently on things that matter which results in lower running costs and lesser wastage of resources.

The best kind of success is derived when company seniors tend to take risks and have a sharp, laser like focus on the priorities.

There are various tools that can be utilized to prioritize company goals efficiently in order to yield the desired result. These tools mainly focus on:

  • Purpose
  • Priorities
  • Projects
  • People
  • Performance


Prioritizing helps the organization be properly functional right from the top to the lowest level. Priorities are also overtime embedded in the corporate culture. For example, applying ‘The Hierarchy of Purpose’ helps company heads realize that it’s totally natural to change priorities midway of a project, and this can cause not much harm if execution is on point. Every terminated priority is a learning experience and an opportunity to do better next time. Priorities change and, if managed successfully, have the capacity to fundamentally change organizations, but only if top management makes tough choices.

Prioritization is extremely important for effective project management in organizations. Prioritization helps gains access to the resources that are required to get the project done. Without prioritization there can be a continuous fight for resources and projects drag on and on. Support your organizations priorities with a solid project management tool from i2e consulting. The project management tool will not only help you manage priorities effectively, but also will help you increase your team’s productivity and morale.

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