Mind Vector – Pioneering The Field of Mind Mapping in Augmented Reality

Mind Vector is the best and amongst the most successful mind mapping apps available. It is very popular among educational institutions as well as with businesses looking to increase efficiency and boost productivity.  The latest version of Mind Vector comes integrated with Augmented Reality on Microsoft Hololens, providing a completely new virtual reality experience. Visit i2econsulting.com for a 1:1 demo with a Mind Vector expert.

Mind mapping is a very efficient method of outlining thoughts. One can draw the maps on paper but they become even more useful when done on an app. With augmented reality integration, it provides a completely new dimension and makes it more interactive and easy to use and learn from.

The mind map is controlled with hand gestures in the 3-dimmensional virtual space, which provides the user a better insight in visualizing the thought information in the proximal distance, while grouping and finding the connections in the virtual space. The user gets an experience of being immersed into a virtual cloud cluster of the different mind map nodes, which can be moved about and even zoomed in and out at the desired scale. It also allows the user to move the mind map at different angles or even rotate it as desired. Most of the actions are accomplished by hand gestures like grabbing, pointing, pinching, and waving hands.

The user gets the feeling of being immersed with the mind map data and being in complete control to view and manipulate it. Being able to view and interact with the virtually real mind maps lays out the data right out there like never before, which increases the efficiency while at the same time reducing the cost, time, and the cognitive load of working with the abstract data. It makes it possible to collaborate with even those present in remote locations.

The augmented reality enhanced mind mapping helps to make possible the holographic optimization of the data, which in turn optimizes the user’s ability to obtain useful and meaningful information, accurately and almost instantly. It improves the collaborative experience for the team when all the members can view and interact with the data that is easy to read and interpret with multiple parameters, all presented in a single and 3-dimmensional view.

Mind mapping enhanced with augmented reality has the potential to revolutionize the data sharing, analysis, and interpretation process, and Mind Vector seems to be at the forefront of this impending revolution having come out with the very first mind mapping app in augmented reality.

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