Microsoft 2015 Super Bowl Commercial: Braylon O’Neill

At i2e Consulting, we know that your goal is to do and achieve more. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best solutions that will help you meet your goals.

Microsoft is pioneering new avenues of machine learning, enabling computers to learn from data and experiences and to act without being explicitly programmed. With AI, customers can build applications that intelligently sense, process, and act on information–augmenting human capabilities, increasing speed and efficiency, and helping organizations achieve more.

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Behind the team–the fans

How do you bring together 500 million fans across 183 different countries? Ask Real Madrid. With a fan base of only 3% in Spain, they are the epitome of a global enterprise. Reaching fans across the entire world is a challenge, yet Real can do it with Microsoft Azure.

With Azure, Real delivers better experiences and makes better decisions by analyzing massive amounts of data in real time.

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Behind the team–Fitness Performance

One of the best parts about technology today is the ability to utilize innovations from other industries for your own. Real Madrid uses tech from Formula 1 to build insoles, shin pads, and protective masks so they can protect their players. And they do it with Microsoft Azure.

i2e Consulting wants to help your organization integrate Microsoft Azure technology so you can achieve more. Contact us to find out how.

Tend to your data, that’s the goal: Real Madrid on real-time data analysis

At i2e Consulting, we know it takes a lot of time and effort to organize, clean, and harmonize data on your own. You need the ability to easily run analytics and harvest value from customer data quickly.

Azure allows you to run analytics on data from any source. You can connect on-premises data and apps to overcome complexity and optimize your existing assets. Analyze data in real time so you can have the fastest possible turnaround, giving you the edge in an ever-increasing, technology-driven marketplace.

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Digital Transformation Made Simple with Microsoft Office 365

Modernization can be tricky, but with Office 365, you will have the tools to implement your vision smoothly. i2e Consulting knows that communication is key to success, and Office 365 enables you to communicate in the right way with the right audience.

Office 365 provides the best strategy to adopt a modern workplace–with click-to-run implementation and e-learnings available to employees, your business will be up and running in no time. Applications including Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, and Outlook ensure your updated business model will be efficient and simple to institute.

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