Kelly Roofing uses Dynamics 365 to connect and grow their business

Check out how a family-owned roofing business in Naples, FL that outgrew their existing accounting solution is using Dynamics 365 Business Central to centralize finance, operations, and sales functionality and streamline business processes.

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Customer story: Chesterfield County

Manual processes, handwritten logs, and paper trails are not only inefficient, but they can be costly. These outdated business management techniques often result in error, duplication, and quality-control issues that can compromise efficiency, productivity, and morale.

But with cloud-based productivity and data centralization tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can modernize your business and achieve more.

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Achieve more with Microsoft Azure

At i2e Consulting, we believe that intelligent technology is the key to amplifying our human ingenuity and empowering us all to achieve more. With Microsoft Azure you can extend the capabilities of your data to new heights and turn your ideas into solutions faster using a trusted cloud that is designed for you.

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How wrong priorities can lead to bad decisions

Prioritization at a strategic and operational level is often the difference between success and failure, but many organizations do this poorly and this leads to utter chaos and ultimate failure of the project. Sometimes the senior executives are under the impression that they’ve made the priorities crystal clear, but in reality, they’ve made a real…
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The 4 stages of Project Management

One goes through different stages of project management whether be it while being in charge of developing a website, designing a car or moving a department to a new facility. Most phases have different qualities yet they overlap. Here’s an overview of each phase and its typical activities   Planning: How to map out a…
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