Augmented Reality’s Increasing Role in Enterprise

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in being able to convince the companies for trying augmented reality is the paucity of historical models and data that conclusively prove that augmented reality actually works. However, a few big companies and universities are beginning to collect the data. Studies have shown that trainees tend to perform better and more efficiently when assigned projects and using augmented reality instructions for reference. The groups using augmented reality have been noted to be about 30 percent more efficient and almost 90 percent more accurate on their first attempts as compared to other groups. If studies continue to prove that augmented reality in fact boosts productivity and efficiency, it could provide a great fillip and convince more enterprises to come on board, especially those who can provide scale, which would help both in terms of better quality and reduced costs. Having said that, there are some real world applications of augmented reality in enterprise already happening, which promises to keep evolving and growing as more people come on board.
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Mind Vector – Pioneering The Field of Mind Mapping in Augmented Reality


Mind Vector is the best and amongst the most successful mind mapping apps available. It is very popular among educational institutions as well as with businesses looking to increase efficiency and boost productivity.  The latest version of Mind Vector comes integrated with Augmented Reality on Microsoft Hololens, providing a completely new virtual reality experience. Visit for a 1:1 demo with a Mind Vector expert.

Mind mapping is a very efficient method of outlining thoughts. One can draw the maps on paper but they become even more useful when done on an app. With augmented reality integration, it provides a completely new dimension and makes it more interactive and easy to use and learn from.

The mind map is controlled with hand gestures in the 3-dimmensional virtual space, which provides the user a better insight in visualizing the thought information in the proximal distance, while grouping and finding the connections in the virtual space. The user gets an experience of being immersed into a virtual cloud cluster of the different mind map nodes, which can be moved about and even zoomed in and out at the desired scale. It also allows the user to move the mind map at different angles or even rotate it as desired. Most of the actions are accomplished by hand gestures like grabbing, pointing, pinching, and waving hands.

The user gets the feeling of being immersed with the mind map data and being in complete control to view and manipulate it. Being able to view and interact with the virtually real mind maps lays out the data right out there like never before, which increases the efficiency while at the same time reducing the cost, time, and the cognitive load of working with the abstract data. It makes it possible to collaborate with even those present in remote locations.

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Augmented Reality Revolutionizing the Medical World

One of the ways most people get acquainted with augmented reality is usually through the game Pokemon Go. But augmented reality is having much more far reaching impact than making some very popular video games. For example, in healthcare, as professionals and researchers become more aware of the scale and scope of augmented reality, we are beginning to understand the truly revolutionary nature of this technology.

For some time now, it was assumed that virtual reality would be the next big thing in terms of technological breakthrough with applications in everyday life. But while a completely immersive 3-D environment is created in virtual reality, augmented reality combines the real with the digitally creation in real time and we are learning of a much wider range of applications, in fields like healthcare and others.

Augmented reality is helping us to go beyond the geographical barriers for access to the latest techniques in surgery. If presence of the expert surgeon is the only thing that is preventing a specific surgery from taking place, augmented reality can solve that issue and the best expertise can be made available in the most remote corners of the world. A surgeon who is present in the operation theatre can arrange for the streaming of the video of the patient to the most qualified surgeon based in a different location. Now as they are watching, the expert can help by guiding the procedure, and this guidance need not be limited to oral communications, but the surgeon can explain and guide with annotations and drawings. Augmented reality makes it possible for the surgeon present in the operating room to visualize everything on the screen, and this is then overlayed onto the live feed of the streaming video of the patient, which will give a better guidance on what they intend to do.
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Augmented Reality – The Technology of the Future

AR or Augmented Reality is one of the latest cutting edge technologies involving the coming together of the real world with computer graphics. Augmented reality can be best understood as having defined the field of study, providing description for many of the problems, and summarizing the developments to that point.

Augmented Reality can be usefully applied in a wide variety of fields, which include education, engineering, entertainment, manufacturing, and medicine.It is also widely believed that some other potential areas for application of Augmented Reality will appear with increased dissemination of this wonderful technology.

Before an operation or a surgery, a patient generally undergoes some preoperative imaging studies, like the MRI and CT scans, which give the operating surgeon with the required views of the internal anatomy. It is from these images that the subsequent surgery is planned.

The visualization of the path through the affected area’s anatomy is generally done by first building a 3-dimmensional model from the many different views and slices that are obtained in the preoperative study. The model thus created is then projected over the target surface to aid with the surgical procedure.

Augmented Reality can also be used in such a way that the operating surgeons can view the MRI and CT or other such data accurately in the operating room theatre, right when the surgery is going on. The enhanced accuracy of the data and the images at such a crucial time should significantly enhance their performance and should significantly reduce the margin for error.

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New Trends in Data Visualization

Data visualization has an important role in the field of information management. In order to make good decisions, you have to be able to understand and analyze available data. Sound data visualization techniques will help in achieving the desired results. And to stay ahead of the game, you need to know about the latest tools and trends in data visualization. With this perspective, we are looking forward to the new trends in data visualization. Read on to know more about the latest trends for 2017.











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