Remote Team Working with Office 365

Humans are now in the digital era where almost everything can be accessed online. This has encouraged businesses to allow its employees to work remotely. This not only helps employees efficiently manage both professional and personal lives but also improves productivity.

How Office 365 can help remote teams function smoothly?


To ensure that work is smooth, you will need a software that easily integrates with any system, be it even a smartphone or a tablet. This helps remote employees to start working immediately.

Office 365 is a universal platform that can be accessed through any device, giving employees immense flexibility. You can also rest assured that all your team members will be able to access the latest updates on Office 365, ensuring that all your team members can work smoothly.

Accessible Anywhere

One great thing about cloud-based services is that they are accessible from anywhere, as long as you have an active internet connection.

Office 365 comes with the same perks. Your team members can easily download documents stored on the cloud and get work done instantly.


With Office 365, you not only get access to Skype for Business but also Yammer and Teams. This helps you schedule appointments easily and conduct meetings on-the-go.

Universal Data Storage Platform

Office 365 gives you 15GB of OneDrive data storage for free. And even if you run out of this space, you can easily buy more at a minimal cost. This allows your team members to access all kinds of information on a single platform shared by everyone. All of your team members can also edit these documents together and come to a collective conclusion on any matter.

Management Made Easy

As a team leader, you need to ensure that all your team members are working efficiently and delivering their work on time. This can be done better with MS Office 365’s admin portal. With simple user controls and highly intuitive configuration, you can manage,

  • User Roles
  • User creation and deletion
  • Passwords and licenses
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Security groups
  • Access to someone’s OneDrive, and much more.

Better Work-Life Balance

As a business, you need to ensure that your employees are happy to keep the productivity rates high. One great way to do this is by allowing your team members to work from the comforts of their home.

Office 365 comes with many perks and benefits to help with the same. This allows your employees to work from their favorable environments, which further helps increase productivity.


This is probably the biggest perk of having Office 365. You only have to pay a minimal fee every month and you can avail enterprise-class perks with Office 365. Some of these include

  • Outlook for emails of all your employees
  • Skype for Business
  • Internal communication with Microsoft Teams
  • Automation
  • Document management with SharePoint, etc

Office 365 as a cloud-based software has allowed a lot of employees and teams to work remotely and increase productivity. If you own a business as well, it is best that you integrate Office 365 into your business to enjoy enterprise-class benefits.

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