What are the must-have project dashboard features

Running a business is not easy, and not everybody realizes the cumbersome behind the scene activities of completing a project unless you were involved in it. If you can relate to handling loads of data and reproducing it efficiently to portray results, you must be familiar with using dashboards.

If not, dashboards are simple software performing complex tasks to make it, even more, simpler to comprehend and take action upon. According to IBM Industry Insights, we, being internet savvy, create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day.

If your upcoming project requires you to have a business dashboard, here are the must-have features you should look for.

SharePoint integrates most of the features efficiently. The cross-persona platform aims at providing the infrastructure for the whole enthusiastic team working on a project.

Intelligent Data Analytics

The data that needs to be analyzed even for a single project is vast. Referred to as Big Data, the data needs to be consolidated, and real-time decisions have to be made.

This will help reveal problematic areas in the project progress and will allow you to prioritize your focus points to avoid discrepancies.

Sharepoint has intelligent data analytics. You can create efficient filters yourself or let the software do the job for you to avoid confusion of data. The flow of data is a continuous process and this feature will make sure you don’t get entangled in the cycle.

Customisable Themes

This feature is often neglected as efficiency is prioritized over the User Interface. However, Sharepoint has an efficient UI that provides significantly better results as it improvises understandability and implementation.

You should be able to set the desired look for your dashboard just the way you and your peers are most comfortable with. It will make navigating around the dashboard easier.

It’s not just about the looks, it’s also about integration. A cleaner UI and support for other widgets and app integration will pave way for an advanced modular that can prove to be more productive.

Sharing and Collaborating

Interoperability is the most important element for any business dashboard. This essentially means everyone on the project should have the accessibility to the dashboard.

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