What type of Project Manager are you?

Skilled project managers are critical to businesses. They lead and implement complex, project-based processes supported by teams of workers. They oversee the individual tasks that move a project toward completion. Therefore, it would be fair to say that the ultimate success or failure of a project depends in large parts on the project manager’s competency. An excellent project manager’s leadership can result in higher morale, a greater sense of ownership and professionalism among team members, and increased productivity and profitability. We have listed a few broad types of Project Managers; go ahead and find out what type of a Project Manager are you.


  • Prophet

A prophet benefits the organization by being the employee that challenges the current strategy and goes after opportunities that might have been overlooked in the past. If you’re a prophet kind of a project manager, you pursue business opportunities in arenas where it is extremely hard to acquire reliable information concerning the likelihood of success. You as a prophet are supposed to have grand vision of growth that is very different from the status quo. You’re not always going to have evidence or quantitative proof to support your ideas, resulting in you making a leap of faith in support of the vision. You should be charming enough to convince your employees and shareholders and make them see the growth opportunities that only you can see in the current moment.


  • Gambler

Gamblers differ from Prophets in the aspect of pursuing ideas and opportunities that are within the strategy but lack existential proof of success. They play by the rules but bet on growth opportunities that might not be feasible and may result in significant losses. If you’re a gambler, you’ll attract employees who also have a tendency on betting and dare to take risks in order to reach exceptional heights. Gamblers are a necessary asset as it takes a gambler to see an opportunity in an otherwise dead sector, and turn it into a successful one.


  • Expert

Experts are not risk takers as they pursue ideas that lie outside the strategic limitations but have proof of success. They have followers that can rely on their vision to change and also see the same growth opportunities as them. If you’re an expert, the main challenge for you is going to be to make other employees realize the need for change and have them step out of their comfort zones by going after well-supported opportunities that lie outside the organization’s ongoing strategy.


  • Executor

As the name suggests, this type of project managers are the ones that seek already existing business opportunities that lie within the existing limitations and have great success stories. If you’re an executor, your ideas are going to be risk-free, very certain and unchallenging. Even though it’s the most certain path to success due to proper documentation and alignment with existing strategy, it has to be pursued very passionately and proper execution holds a key role in the success of the idea.


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