Why Organizations should use SharePoint for Document Management System

Document Management System SharePoint


Document Management System is a system to store, organize, manage, and track the company’s electronic documents.

To keep a track of changes on Paper-based documents, organizations were spending an enormous amount of time and money. The accuracy and efficiency were questionable thus explaining the magnitude of the problem. To make it extremely feasible for the companies, i2e is helping the organizations by building a Document Management System.

Document Management System can be created on the various platform. However, the key to a successful system is its efficiency, speed, and collaboration with other departments. But most of the systems faced the performance issue often leading to frustration among the employees. The solution to this problem is by creating a Document Management System using SharePoint.

SharePoint, a part of Microsoft Office is a highly configurable web-based application to manage documents and Projects online. SharePoint helps in defining the process for an organization. You can integrate it with your CRM, ERP, finance applications and Email to improve collaboration.

7 Top Benefits of using Document Management System on SharePoint:

  • Document Management System supports version control, Audit, review, approval process, and user role-based permissions.
  • It also helps the user to store, organize, share and control company’s electronic documents.
  • Document Management System integrates it with CRM, ERPs or any external apps, create simple workflows to automate processes and improve productivity. If user has any application that is used extensively in an organization, the team of Microsoft certified professionals will find a way to integrate it with this Document Management System.
  • And since all these software operates from the cloud, you can access your files from anywhere around the world and with any device- be it a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • SharePoint is your single sign-on step where you get access to all the apps you need with just one sign-on.
  • Every organization strives to keep the sensitive data secure and SharePoint stores your data behind the firewall thus protecting the data.
  • With the help of Business Process Automation, organizations can automate the process and flow of Business documents reducing time and increasing productivity.


At i2e, we implement SharePoint to connect systems across our clients’ businesses to improve operational efficiency. We help our clients streamline workflows, increase transparency and improve document management. We work with clients to create a truly collaborative and connected environment, right from implementation and integration to training and technical support.

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